GURUturf™ is our premium turf colorant and pigment specifically designed for commercial turf applications such as golf courses, athletic fields, parks and recreational areas. GURUturf is blended with patented polymer innovation that increases its performance and durability for a result that is unrivaled in the industry. We provide a customized selection of colors in both our colorant and pigment line, to provide customers with the closest match achievable. Landscapers and consumers can take comfort knowing that our products can not only save you money, but also time and labor when compared to replacing landscaping bed coverings year over year.

Product Colors

GURUturf™ is formulated two different ways – one, as a colorant (paint) and two, as a pigment (dye). The colorant is used specifically on dormant grass to restore its appearance to live grass during active season. Our pigment products are used on active grass to enhance its color during live season. Keep in mind that our pigment colors will not be the color of your grass when applied. Rather, these shades add vibrancy and dimensionality to the existing color of your turf. Typical applications last up to two months before reapplication is required.


GURUturf™ Colorants are considered to be a grass paint and intended for use on dormant grass in the off-season to give the look and appearance of active, in-season turf. Since our colorant is concentrated, it can be mixed to the different strengths in order to achieve the desired result.


GURUturf™ Pigments are translucent and used on active grass to enhance color depth and vibrancy of live turf in-season.

Product Sizes & Shipping Containers

GURUturf™ Colorants and Pigments are available in a variety of shipping sizes to accommodate the needs of customers from large to mid-size and small applications. If you don’t see a size that fits your needs, or have a special requirement, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Usage Directions


  1. Shake or Stir Well.
  2. Mixing recommendations for GURUturf™ Colorant is 15:1 mix ratio (8 oz. color to 1 gallon of water).
  3. Apply 2-8 gallons of colorant per acre depending desired color.
  4. Recommendation of 40-50 gallons of tank-mixed product per acre to be applied or until desired color is reached. This can be achieved by 1 application, or for better results, by 2 half applications going in different directions.


  1. Fill sprayer with half of water volume.
  2. Begin agitation in tank.
  3. Add GURUturf™ Pigment into water and let agitate for 1-2 minutes. (If applying with chemicals or fertilizers, jar test for compatibility of all products that will be mixed.)
  4. Add remaining water to reach desired carrier volume.
  5. Apply 16-32 ounces per acre for best results.
  6. After application rinse and clean tank according to pesticide, herbicide or fertilizer label.