GURUscapes is a trusted, one-stop supplier for all your landscape colorant needs. We formulate and develop premium products to enhance commercial turf, residential lawns, mulch, pine straw, and pond water. By employing patented innovation, our formulas are unmatched in endurance and performance.

Elevating the Industry

GURUscapes was founded to take landscape enhancement to the next level. We don’t simply add color – we bring patented innovation and science to our product development to drive performance and value. Our approach to research, development, testing and improvement is what elevates us above the rest of the market. When you choose GURUscapes, you get true partnership in selecting and/or formulating exactly the right products to fit your needs. Get it vibrant and new, like a GURU.

Grounds for Excellence

Grounds for Excellence is our methodology and we apply it to everything we do. From the customer service we offer, to the side-by-side partnership we provide customers to formulate the right products, to the passion for innovation that we bring to market – It’s all hard-coded into our brand DNA. We don’t just sell products that make your grounds excellent; we stand on a platform that provides grounds for excellence in all we do. Contact us and experience the difference.

A Product for Every Need

When launching our company, we sought to cover all the initial bases of landscape enhancement and renewal. Our five key landscaping touch points allows us to focus on the areas that matter most to our clients both in the commercial space and residential markets. Our initial product line includes colorants for Turf – GURUturf™, Grass – GURUgrass™, Mulch – GURUmulch™, Pine Straw – GURUstraw™, and Pond Water – GURUponds™.