GURUbind™ is an advanced, eco-friendly liquid polymer emulsion coating for use on mulch and pine straw beds. GURUbind is formulated with patented polymer technology that provides exceptional UV and water repellent properties while locking particles together. This highly-effective product allows landscapers to blow leaves and debris from landscaping beds without blowing mulch or pine straw material away with it.

Locking Mulch Binder Coating

GURUbind™ is an environmentally friendly polymer for securing mulch, pinestraw, and other landscape coverings to reduce loss from wind and water. By securing ground coverings users can increase the visual appeal of their landscapes by keeping mulches where they belong and are useful, and away from places they are not supposed to be. In addition, GURUbind helps users reduce the costs of replacing mulches lost to wind and water erosion.

Product Sizes & Shipping Containers

GURUbind™ Coating is available in a variety of shipping sizes to accommodate the needs of customers from large to mid-size and small applications. If you don’t see a size that fits your needs, or have a special requirement, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Usage Directions

Mixing Instructions Coming Soon…