GURUblast™ is a powerful, fast-acting tank defoamer to eliminate foam quickly during the mixing and diluting process, saving you valuable time and labor. GURUblast comes in a handy, wide mouth 16oz. flip-top bottle which can be squeezed into the tank while mixing. This modifier product dissolves quickly and doesn’t alter the composition or integrity of your end product, working seamlessly to enhance your efficiency on the job.

Why Use a Defoamer?

Controlling foam helps spray operators to reduce filling time and lessens waste — GURUblast™ MAXX is a super-concentrated antifoam emulsion specifically formulated to defoam spray tanks rapidly when using all common landscaping and turf management chemicals. It contains hydrophobic particles coupled with proprietary defoaming surfactants and spreading agents that results in effective drainage of thin film and foam destabilization.

Product Availability

GURUblast™ Tank Defoamer comes in a 16 oz. squeeze bottle with a wide-mouth flip cap for easy use on the job. If you need GURUblast in a different size or quantity, don’t hesitate to contact us.