GURUcrete™ is an advanced, eco-friendly liquid concrete dye designed specifically to enhance and colorize concrete applications such as driveways, paths, decorative walls and stamped concrete projects. GURUcrete is blended with patented polymer innovation that delivers the ultimate in performance and durability with exceptional vibrancy and depth. Our products are UV stable, easy-to-apply at full strength, and dilutable to any tint if translucency is desired.

Product Colors

GURUcrete™ is a vibrant, high-performance liquid concrete colorant that adds stunning visual appeal to concrete hardscaping installations. GURUcrete adds high-impact color to porous liquid concrete substrates evenly with quick-drying properties and UV resistance. Our variety of color formulas provide a custom fit for any project or need.


Color Swatches Coming Soon…

Product Sizes & Shipping Containers

GURUcrete™ Concrete Colorant is available in a variety of shipping sizes to accommodate the needs of customers from large to mid-size and small applications. If you don’t see a size that fits your needs, or have a special requirement, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Usage Directions

Mixing Instructions Coming Soon…